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Dr. John D. Blenkhush

John Blenkush, BS, DC 541-772-4399


Dr. Blenkush has provided expert chiropractic care to patients in the Medford area for more than 25 years. As a broad-scope, general practitioner, he successfully treats all manner of complaints. Adjustments he performs are comfortable, very safe and highly effective for you and every member of your family. He is the only local chiropractor certified by the Spine Research Institute of San Diego for attaining expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of whiplash injury resulting from auto accidents.




Dr. Glenn Gumaer, D.C.

Glenn Gumaer, BS, DC 541-770-1330


Dr. Gumaer has been in practice since 1991. He has earned a solid reputation for the effectiveness of his treatments, after providing chiropractic therapy to thousands of Medford residents. He is a general practitioner who delivers effective treatments for a broad range of musculo-skeletal and neurological conditions. He is nationally recognized as a DOT-Certified Medical Examiner to perform commercial drivers physical examinations. He also specializes in auto injury and worker’s compensation patients.

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Jennifer Cooper-Iverson, FT (541) 892-1610

Jennifer Cooper-Iverson


Jennifer has performed Medical Facial Aesthetics for more than ten years. She provides expert personalized and comfortable care utilizing natural and medical-strength therapies, incorporating Obagi, Yonka and Jane Iredale products. Microderm abrasion, flash peels, chemical peels, anti-aging facials, collagen facials, acne facials, pre/post laser facials, pre-wedding facials, facial waxing, body waxing, eye brow and lash tinting and Jane Iredale make-up lessons are among the services she offers.




Sara Champion, LMT (541) 772-4399 MassageBook.com/CPG

Sara Champion, LMT
(541) 772-4399


Sara provides integrative massage therapy customized to meet the individual needs of clinic clients. She has been a licensed massage therapist practicing in the Rogue Valley since 2006. During that time she has become thoroughly experienced in all manner of spa treatments and medical massage therapies. She operates her own independent practice and is our first choice for massage referrals.